We use a control panel that uses Proxmox in the backend called Convoy. Convoy is still in development, but is ready for production use. We have made our own custom modifications to Convoy and performed our own internal audits in order to better adjust it to our infrastructure.

Launching Convoy

To launch Convoy, navigate to your VPS product page on https://clients.advinservers.com and click on the big green button that says Launch VPS Management Panel (SSO). VPS Launch

Server Reinstallation

You can easily reinstall your server by going to the Settings tab. Settings You can choose from a variety of operating system distributions available. Windows Server

ISO Mounting

Please open a ticket if you wish to use a custom ISO. Once added, you can mount an ISO image by navigating to Settings -> Hardware and selecting an ISO to mount. In this tab, you can also change the boot order to prioritize your ISO. Once done with the ISO, please remove the ISO in the Settings -> Hardware tab and then notify support.


In order to change your password, please navigate to Settings -> Security. You can change your password or add an SSH key here. Once changed, please stop your virtual server through the control panel. Once the status shows as stopped in the control panel, then start it again. Once done, the changes should apply and the password should be reset. Please note that this function is NOT supported on Windows.

Power Actions

There are multiple power actions available to you. It is not recommended to spam the power actions, as they could cancel each other out since the first power action you send has to process first before any other power actions can be executed. If your server does not stop using the shutdown function, please wait 1-2 minutes and then use the kill command.


We do not support backup functionality at the moment, it is currently a work in progress.

Remote Console

You have the choice of either using noVNC or xTerm.js. noVNC is usually the only remote console that will work, as we have deprecated xTerm.js in our newer OS templates for compatibility reasons. Virtual servers created before April 2023 may work with xTerm.js.

Resync IP Addresses

In some rare exceptions, it can be possible that your VPS is missing an IP address. In this case, you can navigate to your VPS product page on https://clients.advinservers.com and click on Resync Missing IP Addresses on the sidebar. This may or may not fix the problem, but regardless it is best to open a ticket if you are missing an IP address. It is very rare that this happens, and usually only happens when there is a system timeout. This command helps resync it our internal IP management system with the VPS control panel. It is recommended to only use this option if you are missing IP addresses as it may cause a network interruption.