Last Updated: June 3rd, 2024


In order to qualify for a return or refund under our 14 day refund policy, your service must be elgible and you must pay with an elgible payment method.

Qualifying Services

Here is a complete list of the lineups that are elgible for refunds under our refund policy:

LineupsLocationRefund Policy
KVM Standard VPSAnyQualifies for refunds
KVM Premium VPSAnyQualifies for refunds
KVM Flux OptimizedAnyQualifies for refunds
KVM Ryzen VDSAnyQualifies for refunds
KVM Intel Core VPSAnyQualifies for refunds
Website HostingAnyQualifies for refunds

The following does not qualify for refunds or returns:

LineupsLocationRefund Policy
KVM Micro VPSAnyDoes not qualify
LXC ContainersAnyDoes not qualify
LIR ServicesAnyDoes not qualify
Dedicated ServersAnyDoes not qualify

If your service is not from the lineups in the above-mentioned list, please contact us over tickets before ordering to see if your service qualifies.

Qualifying Payment Methods

Here is a complete list of payment methods that are elgible for refund under our refund policy:

Payment MethodNotesRefund Policy
PayPalLegacy and Billing Agreements qualifyQualifies for refunds
StripeIncludes Alipay, Google Pay, etc.Qualifies for refunds
Account CreditOnly refunded back to account creditQualifies for refunds

The following does not qualify for refunds or returns:

Payment MethodNotesRefund Policy
CryptocurrencyDoes not qualify
Bank TransferDoes not qualify

If your payment method is not included in the above-mentioned list, please contact us over tickets before ordering to see if your payment method qualifies.

TOS Violations

If we suspect that you have violated our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policies, we may not provide a refund. Additionally, we do not offer refunds for virtual machines suspected of being used for cryptocurrency projects, such as Quilibrium, or for cryptocurrency mining operations.


Within 14 days (2 weeks) of placing an order, if you are unhappy with the products or services that you receive, we may be able to grant you with a refund as long as you paid with a qualifying payment method and have a qualifying service that is elgible for a refund (e.g. cryptocurrency payments or dedicated servers are non-refundable).

In order to request a refund as per our refund policies, you must open a ticket within the 14 day (2 week) time limit to our sales department. A cancellation request is not sufficient for requesting a refund, a ticket must be opened. Once the request is in the system, a refund will be initiated within 7 business days. After a refund is initiated, please note that it can take a few days for your bank to process the refund.

Any payment fees associated with the transaction may be deducted from the refund, such as fees charged by our payment processors. We reserve the right to deny you with a refund depending on the circumstances (e.g. if we detect suspicious or fraudulent activity).

Account credit deposits are NOT eligible for refunds under any circumstances.

Please note that a maximum of 5 servers can be refunded per account. Past that, any refunds that are processed will have a 50% processing fee deducted. We reserve the right to update this policy at any time, with or without notification.

Changes to the Policy

We may amend this policy from time to time. It is your responsibility to check for changes in our privacy policy and make sure that you are up to date. We may send an email notice when major changes occur.