Last Updated: May 30th, 2024


All plans, no matter the type (VPS, VDS, dedicated, etc), is subject to a fair use policy regarding the shared resources that are available. We try our best to make this as relaxed as possible, but there are resources that are shared with other users that you must keep in mind when using your product.

CPU Usages

On dedicated servers or virtual dedicated servers, CPU usages are no problem and you are permitted to use your CPU at 100% 24x7 as the cores are dedicated to you. This section primarily applies to virtual private servers and website hosting plans, which have shared CPU resources.

We deem abuse to be usage that can cause a significant or noticeable impact on other machines, or usage that is excessive for your plan. Generally, we find that you should maintain under a 25% average CPU usage on virtual private servers in order to prevent any potential impact on other users. If we do find that your usage is excessive, we may deprioritize your CPU usage or potentially, in some rare circumstances, implement a 25% (or lower) temporary CPU usage limit. Most of our host nodes usually have plenty of CPU resources available, and hence it is rare that we have to implement caps or limitations, these are just general guidelines. It is fine to temporarily burst past 25% CPU usage, but sustained usage past that can be deemed as excessive and may be temporarily deprioritized and/or capped if a host node is running out of CPU compute resources.

As for website hosting, we usually cap the LVE limit to 1 core, in which we would recommend maintaining a guideline of a maximum of 25% of that 1 core. Most legitimate websites don’t come anywhere close to this limit. If we deem your usage to be excessive, we may adjust the LVE limits to reduce the maximum CPU consumption of your website.

Cryptocurrency Projects

We don’t have a problem with cryptocurrency projects if the usage is not abnormal.

For example, excessive or sustained use of shared resources like CPU or disk is not allowed. Even if you limit the CPU usage, our infrastructure is simply not built to handle a lot of VMs that are all sustaining a lot of CPU 24x7x365.

If we do catch abnormal usage, your VPS will be deprioritized or put onto one of our nodes that are designated for cryptocurrency mining. Please contact us if you need a dedicated solution, we can offer custom solutions that can cater to mining and can accomodate 100+ VMs.

Bandwidth Usage

On plans listed and/or advertised as having fair usage bandwidth, we expect you to keep your bandwidth levels reasonable. In a lot of our locations, we usually have spare bandwidth that we can allocate to our customers, hence why we can offer fair usage bandwidth in some of the locations where we have massive bandwidth allocations and/or commitments.

You are free to use your bandwidth as you wish, but it is typically not normal to sustain past 200 Mbps 24x7, and thus it is recommended to keep your usages under that. It is hard to determine a fine line, but ideally it would be great if you could keep your usages under 50-60TB. If we do see that your usages are high, especially if your plan costs a low amount, we may reach out and present you with options. Reverse proxies or VPN’s are also held to higher scrutiny and are not recommended to be ran on our infrastructure.

Please don’t ruin a good thing.

I/O Usages

On virtual servers, we have no strict guidelines for I/O usages. Generally, most of our host nodes utilize Gen3 or Gen4 NVMe SSD’s, so I/O usages are generally not a problem as it is exceptionally rare that our host nodes reach the maximum I/O available. We do expect you to keep your usages reasonable.

On both dedicated servers and virtual servers, we strictly forbid programs like Chia which cause unnecessary wear on the SSD’s. We keep track.

Changes to the Policy

We may amend this policy from time to time. It is your responsibility to check for changes in our privacy policy and make sure that you are up to date. We may send an email notice when major changes occur.