Networks are complex! It is best to open a ticket if you are running into any problems with our network, but following these instructions and providing our support with this information can greatly help with diagnosing potential network problems and potentially rerouting your connection or fixing network througput problems.

Packet Loss

Packet Loss from Home PC

If you suspect that you are experiencing packet loss from your home computer to your server, please follow these instructions. These instructions should be followed on your home PC.


Installing MTR

WinMTR is a tool that will allow you to easily measure the latency to your server and see where packet loss is happening along with how often it is occurring. WinMTR is free and open source, it can be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/.

Once done, please extract the zip file and launch the WinMTR.exe executable.

Using MTR

Once finished downloading and launching the executable, input your server IP address into the Host: field at the top of the window. Then click Start. Wait for a few minutes for the MTR, and once finished, click on Copy Text to clipboard and submit it in a support ticket. This will allow us to diagnose any network problems along your traceroute and see where packet loss could potentially be occurring.

Linux or MacOS

Installing MTR

On Linux or MacOS, use your package manager to install the mtr package. On Linux, it should be called mtr or mtr-tiny, and on MacOS it will be called mtr (Homebrew is required).

Using MTR

On either operating system, run mtr <serverip>, replacing <serverip> with your actual server IP. Wait a few minutes and then copy the output to your clipboard.

Low Network Throughput

In order to debug low download and/or upload speeds from your VPS, please install the official Speedtest CLI application found at https://www.speedtest.net/apps/cli. Once done, just run speedtest and check the result. Make sure that it is testing to a speedtest server local to your server, sometimes speedtest will default to a different country and/or region than your server is in, which can lead to inaccurate results. Once the speedtest is finished, please review the results and send it to our support if it is not matching expectations.


Note: Sometimes we see some of our customers run the yabs.sh benchmark script and report low throughput to some of the iperf3 destinations that this benchmark script uses. This is because some of the iperf3 servers can be overloaded or deprioritize our connections, hence why iperf3 results are typically not the most accurate. If you would like to test to multiple destinations, we would highly recommend using a script like bench.monster or network-speed.xyz. These are third party scripts that we have not audited or validated, so check the source code and use them at your own risk.